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AG Heinze

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Company Profile

AG heinze (AGH) is a nation-wide company, with field sales representatives in most major metropolitan areas, selling expensive custom assembled microscopes to the medical, science & research industries. Each microscope was custom assembled from an inventory of thousands of parts and accessories.

Industry Profile

Microscopes for the Medical, Science, Research Industry.

Application Profile

Quote Generator (Specifier) using a broad inventory of parts and accessories, web-enable relational database used by field sales reps nation-wide.

Database Profile

Advanced Database Systems designed a web-enabled relational database system to create, track and manage quotes using specifier routines from a never-ending changing inventory of thousands of parts and accessories. All quotes from all field sales representatives required approval from a product manager in the company's main offices prior to issuance. Validation of approval, and correctness of all parts were also part of the design criteria.