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Beverly Hills Mercedes Benz

Client & Project Profile

Beverly Hills Mercedes Benz is one of the top producing new and used car sales, service and parts dealerships. Advanced Database Systems (ADS) designed and developed a new business development database using FileMaker Pro. The solution auto-generates marketing campaigns with telemarketing and mass direct mail actions based on time schedules from pre-defined events, such as the last showroom visit, parts purchase, or service visit. The database is populated with customer and vehicle records from existing sales, service and parts customers, and from vehicle registrations derived from the department of motor vehicles within certain mile radius distance from a car dealership.

Application & Industry Profile

Automotive, New Car Dealership, Used Car Dealership, New Business Development, Telemarketing, Direct Mail, Auto-Generated Custom Marketing Campaigns, FileMaker Pro Database.

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Database Software Solution

Main Menu,
Main Menu Login,
Customer List...

Main Menu Main Menu Login Customer List
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Customer Detail,
Customer Find,
Customer List Print Out...

Customer Detail Customer Find Customer List Print Out
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Customer Detail Print Out,
Ownership List,
Ownership Detail...

Customer Detail Print Out Ownership List Ownership Detail
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Ownership Find,
Ownership Vehicle List Print Out,
Ownership Vehicle Report Print Out...

Ownership Find Ownership Vehicle List Print Out Ownership Vehicle Report Print Out
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Marketing Campaign List,
Marketing Campaign Detail,
Marketing Campaign Defining Actions...

Marketing Campaign List Marketing Campaign Detail Marketing Campaign Defining Actions
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Marketing Campaign Defining Letters,
Marketing Campaign Defining Letter Actions,
Print Letters...

Marketing Campaign Defining Letters Marketing Campaign Defining Letter Actions Print Letters
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Mass Mail Letter List,
Mass Mail Letter Detail,

Mass Mail Letter List Mass Mail Letter Detail Preferences
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User List,
User Detail...

User List User Detail