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Brentwood Schools

Client & Project Profile

Brentwood Schools is a public school district. Advanced Database Systems (ADS) designed a school administrative software solution to track and manage student enrollment, student information, student grade history (all attending years), and for the management of the school district's resources (ie schools, teachers, classrooms, courses, supplies, equipment, etc).

Application & Industry Profile

This is a web-enabled relational database solution written in FileMaker Pro for administration and management of private schools and public school districts.

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School Administrative Software

Main Menu,
Admissions Info...

Login Main Menu Admissions Info
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Admissions Parents,
Admissions Tuition,
Admissions History...

Admissions Parents Admissions Tuition Admissions History
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Admissions Notes,
Contacts Info,
Contacts More Info...

Admissions Notes Contacts Info Contacts More Info
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Contacts Students,
Contacts Classes,
Contacts Projects...

Contacts Students Contacts Classes Contacts Projects
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Contacts History,
Contacts Notes,
Courses Info...

Contacts History Contacts Notes Courses Info
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Courses Schedules,
Courses Students,
Courses Department...

Courses Schedules Courses Students Courses Department
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Courses Statistics,
Courses Notes,
Grading Info...

Courses Statistics Courses Notes Grading Info
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Grading Overview,
Grading Notes,
Supplies Info...

Grading Overview Grading Notes Supplies Info
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Letters Info,
Student Info,
Students Courses...

Letters Info Student Info Students Courses
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Students Service,
Studetns College,
Students Parents...

Students Service Students College Students Parents
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Students Notes,
Rooms Info...

History Students Notes Rooms Info
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Rooms Course Usage,
Rooms After School Usage,
Rooms Statistics...

Rooms Course Usage Rooms After School Usage Rooms Statistics
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Rooms Notes,

Rooms Notes Attendance Reports
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Project Summary (Page 1),
Project Summary (Page 2),
Project Summary (Page 3)...

Project Summary (Page 1) Project Summary (Page 2) Project Summary (Page 3)
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Design Manual (Page 1),
Design Manual (Page 2),
Design Manual (Page 3)...

Design Manual (Page 1) Design Manual (Page 2) Design Manual (Page 3)
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Design Manual (Page 4),
Design Manual (Page 5),
Design Manual (Page 6)...

Design Manual (Page 4) Design Manual (Page 5) Design Manual (Page 6)
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Design Manual (Page 7),
Design Manual (Page 8),
Design Manual (Page 9)...

Design Manual (Page 7) Design Manual (Page 8) Design Manual (Page 9)
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Design Manual (Page 10),
Design Manual (Page 11),
Design Manual (Page 12)...

Design Manual (Page 10) Design Manual (Page 11) Design Manual (Page 12)
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Design Manual (Page 13),
Design Manual (Page 14)...

Design Manual (Page 13) Design Manual (Page 14)
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PDV Version of Design Manual,
PDF Version of Project Summary (Build x6.5 of the Solution)...

PDF Version of Design Manual PDF Version of a Project Summary