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Cardiology Physicians

A comprehensive medical administrative software solution written with FileMaker Pro for medical clinics (groups of doctors). The software tracks and manages Patient Information, Financial Information, Medical History, Encounters, Reason Codes, Procedure Codes, Diagosis Codes, Calendaring and Scheduling Patients, Events, Facilities and Resources, Bill Processing, Paper and Electronic Billing, and complete integrated Accounting and Financial Reporting. The solution employs an intuitive graphic user interface requiring minimal or no training of new employees/users.

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Login enables activiation of all of the main menu navigation icons...

Logout Login
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Patient's Personal Information, Financial (Account) Information, Pharmacy, Social History, Medical History, Encounter History...

Patient Detail Account Information Pharmacy
Social History Medical History Encounter History
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Scheduling of Patients, Events, and Resources (Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, Staff, Examines, Surgeries, Rooms, Equipment, Other).

Multiple color Calendars for Group Day, Individual Day, and Individual Week views...

Scheduling Group Day Scheduling Individual Week Scheduling Individual Day
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Waiting Room

Listing of All Pending Appointments in All Examination Rooms.

Listing of all Patients, Physicians, Reasons, Vitals, Check-In times with the status of the Examination Rooms (Occupied, Ready, Cleaning)...

Waiting Room
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Organized Summary of All Encounters...

Encounter Summary, Subjective Complaint, Objective and Physical Examination...

Encounter Summary Encounter Subjective Encounter Objective Physician

Procedure Codes, Assessments, Diagnostic Codes...

Encounter Objective Procedure Codes Encounter Assessment Diagnostic Codes

Plan and Drugs, Plan and Activities...

Encounter Plan Drugs Encounter Plan Activity
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Procedures Codes, HCFA...

Charges Procedure Codes
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Billing, Payments

Bill Processing, Electronic Data Interchange, Payments from Patients and Carriers...

Bill Processing Electronic Data Interchange Payments
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Staff Identification Numbers and Patient List per Staff Member...

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Offices, Facilities...

Locations Offices Locations Facilities

Pharmacies, Rooms...

Locations Pharmacies Locations Rooms
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Insurance Carriers and Insurance Plans...

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Diagnosis Codes, Procedure Codes, Reason Codes...

Diagnosis Codes Procedure Codes Reason Codes

Complaints, Physical Exams, Activities...

Complaints Physical Exams Activities
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Settings (Users)

User Access Privileges, Company Settings and Scheduling Preferences...

User Access Privileges Company Settings Scheduling Preferences
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Settings (Accounting)

Settings for Accounting, System, Printing...

40_accounting-1-settings-1-company 41_accounting-1-settings-2-system 42_accounting-1-settings-3-printing
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Ledgers (Accounting)

General Ledger
Receivable (Customers) Ledger
Payable (Vendors) Ledger...

44_accounting-2-ledger-1-general 45_accounting-2-ledger-2-customers 46_accounting-2-ledger-3-vendors
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Journals (Accounting)

General Journal...

47_accounting-3-journal-1-general 48_accounting-3-journal-2-sales-1-sale 49_accounting-3-journal-2-sales-2-refund

Sales Journal...
      Account Distribution...

50_accounting-3-journal-2-sales-3-payment 51_accounting-3-journal-2-sales-4-distribution 52_accounting-3-journal-3-purchase-1-purchase

Purchase Journal...
      Account Distribution...

53_accounting-3-journal-3-purchase-2-refund 54_accounting-3-journal-3-purchase-3-payment 55_accounting-3-journal-3-purchase-4-distribution
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Forms (Accounting)

Check, Quote, Invoice...

56_accounting-4-forms-1-checks 57_accounting-4-forms-2-quote-1-quotes 60_accounting-4-forms-3-invoice-1-lineitems-1-invoices

Credit Memo, Purchase Order, Vendor Bill...

64_accounting-4-forms-4-creditmemo-1-lineitems-1-creditmemos 68_accounting-4-forms-5-purchaseorder-1-purchaseorders 71_accounting-4-forms-6-vendorbill-1-lineitems-1-vendorbills
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Processing (Accounting)

Bank Deposits,
Bank Account Reconciliations...

75_accounting-5-process-1-deposits-1-existing 76_accounting-5-process-1-deposits-2-undeposited 77_accounting-5-process-2-checkrconciliation

Receive Purchase Orders, Pay Bills...

78_accounting-5-process-3-receivepurchaseorder-1-lineitems 80_accounting-5-process-4-paybills
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Reports (Accounting)

Financials -
Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement...

81_accounting-6-reports-1-financials-1-trialbalance 82_accounting-6-reports-1-financials-2-balancesheet 83_accounting-6-reports-1-financials-3-incomestatement

Aging -
Receivables, Payables...

84_accounting-6-reports-2-aging-1-receivables 85_accounting-6-reports-2-aging-2-payable

Inquiries -
Ledger Accounts, Journal Entries,
Customer Statements...

86_accounting-6-reports-3-inquiry-1-ledger 87_accounting-6-reports-3-inquiry-2-journal 88_accounting-6-reports-3-inquiry-3-statements