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Center for Healthy Aging

Company Profile

Center For Healthy Aging (CHA) was founded by five senior residents of Santa Monica as a grass roots effort in 1976. CHA initially responded to a need for accessible health care for older adults. WISE and Healthy Aging is the result of a 2007 merger between WISE Senior Services (WISE) and Center For Healthy Aging (CHA). The merger created a pooling of a wealth of expertise and resources that furthers its mission based activities and expands its services and provides for greater community impact. WISE and Healthy Aging is a multi-service, nonprofit organization serving seniors throughout Los Angeles County, with emphasis on low-income and/or under served individuals. The team at WISE & Healthy Aging works to promote and improve the well-being, independence and self-esteem of seniors, and to prevent premature institutionalization whenever possible.

Database Profile

Advanced Database Systems (ADS) designed a relational database system to track and manage Clients, Providers, Volunteers, and Programs. The solution includes demographics for each group. The solution tracks Services performed under various Programs, and tracks Services with a different unit of measurement with length of time or resources needed to perform the Service. Reports can be generated at any time interval (Weekly, Monthly) for Clients, Programs, and Services. The solution tracks and manages associated supervisors with each Provider, insuring the current supervisor information is available and easily accessible when looking at a Providers profile. The Billing module enables invoicing for Services performed, displaying applicable Services, Program, and Client information.

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