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Citibank is one of the major banking institutions in the world. Advanced Database Systems (ADS) designed the Bank Wire Transfer Management Software for CitiBank. The software tracks bank wire transfers, customer information, branch information, locations and archives.

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Main Menu,
Import Fedline Data Market Selection,
Import Fedline Data...

Main Menu Import Fedline Data Market Selection Import Fedline Data
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Wire Information Batch Search,
Wire Information Batch List,
Customer Search...

Wire Information Batch Search Wire Information Batch List Customer Search
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Customer Information List,
Customer Information Detail,
Branch Search...

Customer Information List Customer Information Detail Branch Search
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Branch Information List,
Wire Mirror Menu,
Wire Manager Archives Menu...

Branch Information List Wire Mirror Menu Wire Manager Archives Menu
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Wire Manager Notes List Menu,
Wire Manager Correspondence Menu,
Wire Manager Batch Report Menu...

Wire Manager Notes List Menu Wire Manager Correspondence Menu Wire Manager Batch Report Menu
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Wire Market Information,
Wire Market Information List,
Administration Menu...

Wire Market Information Wire Market Information List Administration Menu
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SDN Suspect List,
Catagory GL Code,
Wire Types...

Sdn Suspect List Catagory Gl Code Wire Types
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Wire Database Administrator Sessions List,
Wire Database Administrator Value List,
Wire Fax Center...

Wire Database Administrator Sessions List Wire Database Administrator Value List Wire Fax Center