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City Of Montebello


The City of Montebello, Planning & Building Department needed a software solution to track and manage all building improvements in the city. Advanced Database Systems (ADS) designed and built a software solution to manage all Building Plans and Projects, issuing of Business Licensing, Building Permits, Work Inspection Certificates and Certificates of Occupancy.

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Login New User,
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Login Login New User Login Change Password
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Main Menu,
Admin Menu,
Property Main Menu...

Main Menu Admin Menu Property Main Menu
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Property Admin Menu,
Property Information,
Property Structures...

Property Admin Menu Property Information Property Structures
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Property History,
Property Permits,
Property Update Property Info...

Property History Property Permits Property Update Property Info
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Property Update Ownership,
Property Update Profile,
Property Certificate Of Occupancy...

Property Update Ownership Property Update Profile Property Certificate Of Occupancy
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Contractor Menu,
Contractor Information,
Contractor Employees...

Contractor Menu Contractor Information Contractor Employees
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Contractor Permits,
Contractor List,
Contractor Find...

Contractor Permits Contractor List Contractor Find
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Contractor Data Entry,
Contractor Licenses,
Contractor Printed Listing...

Contractor Data Entry Contractor Licenses Contractor Printed Listing
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Business Licenses Menu,
Business License Data Entry,
Business License Printed Form...

Business Licenses Menu Business License Data Entry Business License Printed Form
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Project Menu,
Project Information,
Project Permits...

Project Menu Project Information Project Permits
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Project List,
Project Find,
Project Plan Check Dept Selection...

Project List Project Find Project Plan Check Dept Selection
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Project Plan Checks Required,
Project 1st Expiration Notice,
Project Final Expiration Notice...

Project Plan Checks Required Project 1st Expiration Notice Project Final Expiration Notice
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Project Approved,
Project Denied,
Permit Menu...

Project Approved Project Denied Permit Menu
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Permit Application,
Permit Charges,
Permit Reviews...

Permit Application Permit Charges Permit Reviews
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Permit Occupancy Certificate,
Permit List,
Permit Find...

Permit Occupancy Certificate Permit List Permit Find
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Permit Find Selection,
Permit Printed Inspection Record,
Permit Printed Certificate Of Occupancy...

Permit Find Selection Permit Printed Inspection Record Permit Printed Certificate Of Occupancy
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Permit Printed Permit,
Permit Building Permit Fees,
Permit Electrial Permit Fees...

Permit Printed Permit Permit Building Permit Fees Permit Electrial Permit Fees
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Permit Mechanical Permit Fees,
Permit Plumbing Permit Fees,

Permit Mechanical Permit Fees Permit Plumbing Permit Fees Inspection
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Inspection List,
Inspection Batch Processing,
Project Review Document (Build x08)...

Inspection List Inspection Batch Processing Project Review (Build x08)