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Custom Database Development Services

We design and build custom relational database solutions with FileMaker Pro. Our experience and talent is extensive, as is our List of Clients and Showcase of Projects. With over 20 years of experience, we have provided more than 700 custom software solutions at reasonable billable rates for clients worldwide.

3D Rendering, Modeling, Imaging Services

We have our own team of artists producing amazing Architectural and Interior Design 3D Rendering Images with Photograph-Like-Quality for Interior Designers, Architects, Builders and Real Estate Developers. A simple email or phone call is all it takes to get your project moving. Contact Us TODAY!!!

Website Development Services

We have been designing and developing custom websites with web-enabled databases using SQL, FileMaker Pro, PHP, and Lasso for more than 20 years. Contact Us TODAY!!!

Partner/Investor for Commercial (Industry Specific) Solutions

We author and co-venture commercial software solutons for resale. Contact Us today about investing in your commercial software.

FileMaker Pro Accounting Integration Services

We're the authors of EasyAccounting with FileMaker Pro 10/11 and EasyAccounting with FileMaker Pro 6. Both of these accounting solutions are provided as Starter Templates for integration in other FileMaker Pro solutions. They are available for purchase and immediate download at An example of intergration of the accounting module is showcased on the Cardiology Physicians pages.

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501 Paso Fino
525 Post Production
AAir Purification Systems
Abbott Printing
Accurate Instruments Repair
Advocates Law
AG Heinze
Airflow Systems
American Federation of Arts
AmeriFirst Mortgage
Amgen Pharmaceutical
Araujo Estate Winery
Area Education Agency 7
Artists Workshop
Ashmore & Associates
Ask Jeeves
Beverly Hills Mercedes-Benz
Billabong Clothing
Bioflex Medical
Brentwood Schools
Buena Vista (Walt Disney Studios)
Cardiology Physicians
Carrera Computers
CDI Techncial Services
Chesapeake Rehab Equipment
City of Montebello
Generative Leadership Group
Hobart Forte
RadCam Miniature Car Cameras


EasyAccounting with FileMaker Pro 10/11
EasyAccounting with FileMaker Pro 6